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      Electroplating Grade Basic Nickel Carbonate Preparation Techniques

      Nickel-containing electroplating waste is prepared to produce basic nickel carbonate plating grade products which contain a low sulfur content (SO42- <350ppm), low sodium content (Na <60ppm), and a nickel content > 52.26%. It can be used for catalyst, electroplating, ceramic and other industries .

      2017-11-10T12:52:03+00:00 2016年6月20日|

      Preparation of Low Cost Feed Grade Basic Zinc Chloride

      Our company uses zinc containing flue ash to prepare feed grade basic zinc chloride products. The benefits of this technology include low cost and the main desirable content of the product is > 98.5%. It contains zinc > 59%, arsenic < 0.0003%, cadmium < 0.0005%, lead < 0.0005%, and insoluble matter < 0.5%, it meets

      2017-11-10T12:52:03+00:00 2016年6月20日|

      The Preparation Process of Basic Zinc Carbonate Containing Zinc Complex Solution

      Our company uses a zinc sulfate and zinc chloride mixed solution to prepare basic zinc carbonate products. The benefits of this technology include low cost, good dispersion without agglomeration, contents containing Znic > 57%, chlorine < 0.05% and sulfate < 0.2%. This product is a sandy texture. It can be used to prepare active zinc

      2017-11-10T12:52:03+00:00 2016年6月20日|

      Technical Teams

      Adhering to scientific and technological innovation, our company has trained a group of professional and technical personnel and provides the impetus for innovation and development in our company. Academic Leaders Zhichuan Chen Deputy general manager, Professional senior engineer A master tutor of Guangxi University Receives special allowance from

      2017-11-18T16:36:46+00:00 2016年6月20日|

      Technological Innovation

      R&D Center Our company received 300 million yuan of funding from the Shenzhen Technological Innovation Commission and used more than 2 billion self-financing to build “Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Resource and Harmless Engineering Technology Development Center” which passed inspections in 2009. The R & D center has a professional R & D laboratory,

      2017-11-10T12:52:03+00:00 2016年6月19日|

      Environmental Emergency Response

      The Environmental Emergency Response Unit of Shenzhen In total we have participated in Shenzhen emergency treatment and environmental protection with the public security and other government departments over 1,000 times. Properly handling all kinds of dangerous chemicals, in totality about 7,000 tons. Emergency Warehouse Building

      2017-11-10T12:52:03+00:00 2016年6月19日|

      Resource Utilization

      Comprehensive Utilization of Copper Etching Liquid Waste Project Comprehensive utilization of copper etching liquid waste project This project has created a precedent for the utilization of domestic hazardous waste resources with a copper recovery rate of 99% or more which can be prepared for a variety of copper and salt products and achieve

      2017-11-10T12:52:04+00:00 2016年6月16日|